Trilok Singh : The Frugal Engineer

Hey Stubborn Army !  Originality in thoughts is what differentiates the great from the rest. Albert Einstein , Pablo Picasso to Trilok Singh, the uniqueness in their thoughts is what makes them ‘beyond imagination’. But do you know that they have one more thing in common. What is it? 

It is stubbornness, it is the will to stand by those unique ideas which were regarded as foolishness, by others. 

Today, we have such a stubborn genius. He is the CEO of The Safe Zone, Trilok Singh.Starting with tiny science projects, Trilok went on to get patents under his name.  Then taking entrepreneurial roads he became one of the few, Inventorpreneur of India. 

So come with us, to explore ,Trilok’s peerless technical genius.

An Era of Incomplete Notebooks

Trilok started out as a last bencher in school. He was a boy with empty notebooks and a mind full of ideas. 

On one hand, Trilok struggled with his books in school. On the other, he learnt skills like welding at the age of 10, through the workshops in his locality. This enabled him to show his skills on models and projects for the school. 

In 5th grade, he made a cardboard replica of a Desktop Computer which looked exactly like a real one. In 7th grade, Trilok modified a wood water heater into a water purifier, using the simple process of evaporation.

Also, He started publishing a small newspaper named ‘Classroom Times ‘ about his school. He wrote about all the gossip, fights and love stories going on at school.   

Don’t you think it is an amazing idea for a 12 year old ? But our education system doesn’t think so. He always faced criticism because of his low grades and incomplete notebooks. 

It is not only about Trilok, our education does this to every student, who doesn’t excel at so-called ‘studying’. Most of whom are trampled by this burden, but fortunately Trilok had his spirits high. 

In 9th, He brought the idea of a regenerative bicycle( It  charges a battery when you paddle and then works on that battery) in 2009. The idea was way ahead of its time.  When he asked about that concept to his teacher. His teacher mockingly said “You can’t even complete your notebooks and you will invent something.” 

Trilok somehow passed his 10th. His school gladly bade him farewell, as he wanted to go to a new school. He wanted to study science but his grades didn’t let him do so. Finally he had to settle with commerce.  

For a long year, He struggled with it and failed once and again. Once, the principal of his school scolded him. He humiliated Trilok by telling him to take admission in a polytechnic college.

A sentence supposed to insult Trilok, changed his life. He chose to take admission in a polytechnic college which eventually became his paradise. 

Carboard Computer Made by Trilok Singh

Polytechnic: Trilok Singh's Inventing Paradise

After coming to the polytechnic, Trilok was released from the thought jail of the school system. Most subjects here were of a practical nature. So it was no less than a paradise for Trilok. This freedom complemented Trilok’s creativity and he was free to invent whatever he wanted to. 

In his first year, he worked on his idea of regenerative bicycles. He was successful in making a prototype. Whom did he show his invention first ? Obviously the teacher, who insulted him. When Trilok exhibited his concept, that teacher said “I knew, you will do it one day”. What an irony…

“Polytechnics are quite underestimated. The technical knowledge flows in that campus, you need to be like a sponge and absorb it positively” claims Trilok Singh. 

Then thorough a T.V. show, he got to know about chopper bikes. A brilliant idea came in his mind, “what if we make a chopper bicycle”. To work on the project, Trilok cutted his father’s gifted bicycle in half. 

“After I made the cycle, my photo just stuck on the front page of local newspapers. People took photos with me and my bike. I felt like a celeb .” shares cherished Trilok Singh.

This success was so motivating that now there was no looking back. After that, He did an internship at the BSA Bicycle Factory, Ludhiana. In a month, He already had the proper knowledge of making cycles.He then made a proper chopper bicycle with this newly acquired knowledge, which was later patented. 

Then Trilok started to get offers from PHD students and Professors to make projects for them. He made some amazing stuff. For example, a remote control fire cracker lighting device, a fruit plucker and many more. 

Although, he was never given the credit for these inventions but his genius expanded exponentially. 

A life changing accident

In 2013, Trilok was yet to complete his polytechnic, when he was offered a job at the BSA Manufacturing Unit. After that in a span of 1 and a half years, Trilok did three different jobs. One in cycle manufacturing, then with Mercedes Benz and then with Bosch. 

If you are thinking that Trilok settled with these jobs. Then you are wrong. Rather Trilok did these jobs, just to get experience and equipment needed for his inventions. Trilok was about to set out on new inventing adventures but destiny had other plans. 

On 7th August 2014, Trilok faced a life threatening accident. He was so badly injured that he was advised to be bed ridden for a year. But who became a stubborn warrior by following advice ?   Trilok was so flamboyant that he just couldn’t be sitting on a bed. 

He had bought a vintage Mercedes, whose parts he acquired while working in benz. He wanted to modify it but the accident happened. Yet it was not able to stop him. With wounds fresh, and pipes going out of his abdomen, Trilok rejuvenated that Mercedes with his own hands.

While recovering from such an arduous incident, an idea clicked in Trilok’s entrepreneurial brain.  He understood the importance of riding safety gear by breaking a few limbs. So he thought about making innovative riding gear. This idea was the seed of Safe Zone, Trilok’s successful startup.

Becoming an Inventorpreneur

Trilok wanted to live a great college life. So he chose to get admission into an engineering course. Although his grades didn’t let him get to some universities but eventually he found one, who valued skills more than papers. 

He got admitted to Automobile Engineering in Chandigarh University. Right from the start, he showcased his entrepreneurial and engineering skills. The companies which didn’t even entertain the university’s management, respected Trilok. Because he had won hearts with his amazing designs and prototypes.

“College is a place where you make the foundation for your career. You have to explore, explore and explore. See the markets, get industrial experience and make connections. Also don’t forget to have fun along the way” advices the fervent inventorpreneur, Trilok Singh. 

Trilok was so engrossed in his inventions that he even had dreams about them. One of his patents,the single frame bicycle originated from one of his night dreams. He worked on the project and made a single frame bicycle. The models he produced were actually used by consumers, who gave him positive reviews too. 

In the four years of his college, he helped many colleagues to get placed in various companies, only because of his connections . But Trilok himself was never made for jobs, his eyes were always set on the entrepreneurial tracks. 

The Safe Zone : Because safety matters

Trilok had understood the value of riding gear by breaking a few bones of his own. This lesson is what became the foundation of Safe Zone.

The Safe Zone is a place where quality assured and safety standard compliance products for two wheeler accessories are available through online as well as offline mode.

The niche of quality assured riding gear was quite empty in India. Trilok capitalized on it and with an investment of 12 Lacs, he brought 2000 life saving products. 

“With Safe Zone, I was always ready to fail. Because I know failure is the only thing that will enable me to succeed. Even if I failed, I would acquire a business sense, which MBAs get after spending 30-35 lakh rupees, so I still had a 18-23 Lakh profit.” shares Trilok with some giggles . 

Trilok’s organic approach, creative work and customer friendly norms, led him to become the next big thing. Now he also works in Bike Modifications. 

He has won the hearts of his customers with his unmatched creativity. Bikes he modifies are no less than Da Vinci’s Monalisa. That’s why if you want to get Trilok’s magic on your bike, you have to wait months for a single appointment. 

This is not all, Trilok runs another startup,GoldenEye automotive Research and restoration technologies (GEARR tech.). Trilok and his team are about to change the way we look at construction works. This invention will blow a lot of minds.  That’s why it will be unveiled by Trilok himself in some time. 

All in all, Trilok Singh lives life one innovation at a time.

Trilok Singh' s Message

“Those who fear failure, are the ones who end up not trying. Failure is the only real teacher. So just, Eat Sleep Fail Repeat till you succeed.” 

So guys this was the tale of our inventopreneur. Right from the era of incomplete notebooks to a successful entrepreneur, stubbornness is what led Trilok. His million dollar creativity is born out of his will to prove himself. And he has proved his mettle. 

So let’s become fearless of Failures and just ‘ Eat Sleep Fail Repeat’ till we succeed, as Trilok says. 

We will be back with more stories of such ‘Stubborn Geniuses’. Till then 

Stay Stubborn, Stay Passionate