Ramanjot Kaur

To the top of the highest peak in Africa and back in 24 hours – Ramanjot Kaur

My name is Ramanjot Kaur. I was born in Fatehgarh sahib,punjab and brought up in Mohali,punjab.I am a professional Mountaineer and Athlete. I had made a unique world record by climbing Mt .Kilimanjaro, Tanzania’s highest peak in just 24 hours. Now I am planning to summit Mt. Elbrus, Russia’s highest peak. I had also won many national and state championships in different games like yoga,athletics,gatka etc. 

Ups and downs 

I saw many ups and downs during my journey. There are many competitions where I stood first place in running but organizers didn’t give me a cash prize. Some said that this competition is an overall competition who stood first three place in between all competitors will be considered as a winner but how can a girls compete against boys because boys body is totally different from girls in all aspects. they didn’t tell this before competition when i was stood first place in girls after competition then they said this things so that they can save money. 

How I started my Journey toward success 

I started taking formal training as a runner in class 5th. Being a university weight lifting champion, my father trained me at Sukhna Lake. Growing up, my training became all the more rigorous and as a result, I won Gold Medals in the Chandigarh Athletic State in 5km, 1500m, and 1800m. Although I was actively involved in sports and won laurels that made my family proud, deep inside I knew that I hadn’t found my calling in one particular game. Once, a notice was released about adventure activities organized by Chandigarh tourism. When I asked for permission at home to audition in that event, my mother refused, but I was firm in my conviction to at least give it a try. So, I went without informing at home, auditioned, won the first prize, and was selected for mountaineering training. The UT Governor facilitated and honoured us with medals and when my parents learned about this, they got extremely happy. In mountaineering training to climb the Kanchenjunga peak, I won three gold medals again for best endurance, climbing, and technicality. 

The euphoria of Reaching the Mountain Top 

On climbing almost 16,000 feet and viewing the Kanchenjunga peak successfully, I felt a rush and achievement like never before. In fact, the feeling was so good that I was sure about pursuing mountaineering professionally. Even though my mother and extended family were apprehensive about the decision, my dad supported me and told me to pursue what my heart says. 

With an aim to beat a world record of 54 hours set by a woman, I decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, South Africa in less than 24 hours. For a year, I trained for 6-7 hours with a rucksack of 12kgs at Morni Hills near Chandigarh. The biggest roadblock was getting sponsors who could aid me financially in the process. I went to almost every renowned person but didn’t get any help. When my mother saw me disappointed, she kept all her jewellery on mortgage. My friends also contributed in their own capacities and my father took a loan as well. With this money, my return ticket to South Africa was booked with an organization called Above Ocean Level and I set forth to make a world record. 

Climbing the Highest Peak of Africa in 24 hours: 

At the airport, I met my guide, Ibrahim with whom I reached the base camp of Mount Kilimanjaro. Since it was evening time, the authorities didn’t allow us to climb, but after repeated convincing,

they finally gave us a go-ahead. In my journey of reaching the peak, three huts came. Until I reached the third hut, I caught altitude sickness because the weather changed drastically. In addition to the snowfall, I started vomiting continuously, but then I remembered my parents and friends back home who contributed to my air ticket. This motivated me to overcome the sickness and complete the summit within 24 hours 

On reaching the peak, I literally experienced the thrill of being on top of a mountain. The view was spectacular and I was glad I didn’t give up. On coming back home, I was even more motivated to continue mountaineering. I was interviewed and honored by many media and radio houses. The 94.3 FM, in particular, helped my mother’s jewellery to be free. Today I have been selected for the pre-Everest camp and I am more motivated than ever to train and set world records in all of the seven summits. My financial condition is not so good till now and I am looking for sponsors so that i can achieve my dreams.

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