An animal lover who is the founder of ‘Peepal Farm’ – a place for animals to heal and be heard.  So Here’s the story of Robin Singh .

Robin Singh: From ‘Suicide’ to ‘Self Satisfaction’

‘Pain’, this word just sends a chill down our spine because we are all afraid of pain. But have you thought about how much pain you cause to avoid your pain? We always shut our eyes to the fact that we cause sufferings to our earth mates by just living.

But Robin sought the answer to this question and eventually found the meaning of his life. Today Robin’s day starts with caring for the resident and rescued animals in Peepal Farm. His life didn’t start at this note, so let’s route back to his past and see how he was reborn.

The Corporate Conundrum

Robin is a Computer Science graduate from Delhi University. Being a nerd right from his childhood, he quickly became good with computers. He gained knowledge but he used it naughtoriously and was caught. The guy who caught him, gave him a job and taught him the abc of software development.

He started as a freelance developer. One fine day he sent an email to a wrong email address. The typo led him to Arizona, USA in 2003. He was given a job as a developer. He used to create, manage and deliver the software to companies’ clients manually.

This lazy genius found a way to automate the process of delivering the product. That’s how Robin found E-Junkie. He made fortunes over his unique idea. His business made him financially independent. Now he was free to use his 8 hours in self-discovery and introspection.


Challenges Faced : Robin Singh 

Dropping out of the corporate conundrum, Robin came into existential crisis. He was earning well and had every material pleasure yet he was unhappy.  Robin Singh started reading great philosophers to find the reason for his dissatisfaction. The books told him about the sufferings and pain we cause by simply being a consumer.

“A bowl of rice needs a farmer to take pain for sowing. Then bulls pull a plough dug feet deep in mud, in which they lose their lives. Crores of earthworms lose their lives during tilling of the cropland. Then factories and transportation come into play, which creates huge amounts of pollution. So, a simple bowl of rice causes a lot of sufferings to our earth mates, which is called the ‘Suffering Footprint’” explains Robin.

A Rebirth

Now Robin had a simple question in his mind “What can I do to reduce these sufferings?” The answer he found was ‘suicide’. Robin thought by ending his life he will permanently reduce the ‘Pain’ he was causing.

Robin chose to question this conclusion and made a return to India. The sanctity of Auroville tempted Robin to find his answers there. There he met Lorraine, an aged anaemic woman who was doing as much she could to help stray animals.

“Something struck me, and I realised that this is what I want to do with my life. All my life I have wanted to cater for stray animals, and after seeing Lorraine I instantly decided that this is what I wish to pursue right now” tells Robin

He eventually moved back to India to pursue his inner-calling. Then he was accompanied by Joellen, his neighbour back in the USA and Shivani, another animal lover. They started off as an animal welfare group in Auroville where they were working in an animal rehabilitation centre. Then they shifted their base to Delhi where they were working in a sterilisation programme.

“I knew that for every single animal I helped there were millions who weren’t but I was happy to do my share.” Robin said.

Soon Robin, Joellen and Shivani working together came up with the idea of Peepal Farm by understanding that sharing the idea, is scaling the idea. In October 2013, they laid the foundation of the ‘Peepal Farm’

रॉबिन सिंह
रॉबिन सिंह

Peepal Farm - ‘A paradise for Stray Animals’

In 2014, Peepal farm came into existence in Dhanotu, Himachal. “It is a house where we have a clinic in place of a master bedroom. An organic farm in place of a swimming pool and we have rescued stray animals as our inmates” explained Robin.

Robin chose the name Peepal farm because Peepal makes its way through even tiniest cracks in concrete structures. Like the Peepal they are challenging rebelliously cutting through society’s rigid biases against animals.

Over the years, Robin and his team have rescued and rehabilitated more than 1000 stray animals. Those who couldn’t be rehabilitated have become residents of this paradise. Robin who suffered an existential crisis now has a meaning to his life. He is proud of what he does today.

Major Concerns And Solution : Robin Singh 

The two major concerns of Peepal Farm are: to find a home for homeless animals, treat those who are abandoned and to keep farm animals off the plates of people.

Robin and his team have brought innovative ways like cultural jams and work exchange to put forward these messages. They have been promoting the use of organic products, apathy for our earthmates and the idea of veganism.

Peepal farm started producing organic products in 2015. The farm is run with techniques like no-tilling farming and non GMO seeds. These products add to the revenue and give a message of apathy to the buyers.

A word from Robin

Robin says

“We are always sold that ‘Happiness lies in consumption’ through advertisements. The truth is on a completely opposite pole. Living a sustainable life with compassion for others is what eventually fills the bottomless void for happiness inside you.”

Facing new challenges every day, Robin stays stubborn and makes headways in every tough situation. His fuel is the love for what he does. This what Stubborn Stories stands for find what you love and then give it your all. That’s why Robin is a Stubborn Warrior.

We will be back with new stories of Stubborn Warriors like Robin who find passion, work for passion and with passion till then

Stay Passionate, Stay Stubborn

रॉबिन सिंह

Volunteer At Peepal Farm & Spend Your Next Holiday Treating Injured Animals

The non-profit organisation consists of a group of people who aim to lead simple lives and do good work. They seek out injured animals and, since they are based out of Dharamshala, a large proportion of these are dogs and cows. You can just swing by and play with the animals for a day or make a longer commitment to volunteer and stay for a few days. They also allow paying guests who want to simply experience farm life and veganism for a few days.

If you wish to work, they show you the ropes around the farm, and give you practical knowledge on how to care for animals, how to remedy injuries, and what medication they use.