Hey Stubborn People! We are back with another tale of relentless love for one’s art. Does the song “Haan hasi Ban Gaye” give you goosebumps, then you are at the right place. Today we have brought you the story of the man who created these lyrics and made the whole country cry with his soulful writing, Kunaal Verma. 

Kunaal Vermaa has been writing super-hit songs like ‘Tum hi aana’,’Pal’ ,‘Chale Aana’’Duniya’‘Malang’ , ‘Ghar se nikalte hi‘ since his first blockbuster  ‘Hasi’ from Hamari Adhuri Kahaani in 2015. From being a  ‘gully boy’ in  Jaipur ,Rajasthan to today being called the “Rajdhani Lyricist” in the bollywood music industry, Kunaal Vermaa has gone through a lot but nothing ever stopped him.

Through rises and falls, ups and downs, emotional breakdowns and  financial crises , Kunaal went uncompromising for his love, music. That’s why today we are featuring Kunaal on our own platform Stubborn Stories.

So come let’s dive right into the ocean of Kunaal’s emotions and his unconditional love for writing…

‘Sthayee’- The beginning

Kunaal Verma  was born in a small town Paota in Jaipur district of Rajasthan, in a middle-class family. Kunaal Verma childhood was full of sweet memories being a brother to three sisters, Kunaal Verma was always pampered by his sisters as well as his parents. Kunaal Verma spent the initial 10 years of my life in Paota but then my family moved to Sri Madhopur in Sikar district.  

Kunaal Verma completed my school in Sri Madhopur. Studies were never his cup of tea, still he somehow used to manage with average grades. A question that kept Kunaal Verma troubling for Kunaal Verma whole school life was “What is the purpose of my being?”. Kunaal Verma used to feel like every kid around him knew what they wanted to do but Kunaal Verma had no clue. It was much later in life that Kunaal Verma finally got the answer to the question and the answer changed my life. Kunaal Verma was not very fond of music in childhood but who knew one day music will be Kunaal Verma life.

When Kunaal Verma was 10, Kunaal Verma met Dinesh who has been my ultimate ‘trump card’ in every difficult situation. His intelligence and maturity is what I lack and that’s why he is Kunaal Verma inspiration. He turned into a brother for Kunaal Verma and even today when I make mistakes, he is the only one who knows what went wrong.


Incidents That Hit Your Mind : Kunaal Verma 

Let Kunaal Verma share an incident with you, Dinesh belonged to a well to do family and Kunaal Verma family was not very stable financially. One day he brought a ‘ranger cycle’, and showed me and said “देख भाई मे मेरे फेवरेट कलर की रेंजर साइकिल लाया ”. 

I used to go to a  flour mill to get wheat grinded. It was about a kilo-meter from my home and I used to go there with a 32 kg sac on my shoulder. One day when I was going to the flour mill, Dinesh saw me at that time. In the evening, he came to my house and said “भाई ये साइकिल तेरे घर पे खड़ी करदे, हमारे  घर के आस पास वाले लोग इसको ख़राब कर देंगे | मुझे जरुरत होगी तो मे ले जाऊंगा यहाँ  से |  ” and then he never took the bicycle back. 

He saw Kunaal Verma in pain and gave up what he loved the most at that time. This was not the only time he made a sacrifice for Kunaal Verma , whenever Kunaal Verma is in need he has stood up and supported Kunaal Verma . That’s why I wrote a song for him. It starts like “बड़ा है इसीलिए पीछे खड़ा है

In this merry go round of childhood, we both finished school He went for engineering in Kota and I never wanted to be a burden in my family, so as soon as I passed 12th, I went for a job in Jaipur at the age of 17. When I became independent, then I realized what life was. It was the phase where I grew actually and made my perspective on life.   

‘Antara’- The Wake

When Kunaal Verma  came to Jaipur, Kunaal Verma  started doing a job at a printing agency as a ‘photocopier’ but actually Kunaal Verma wanted to learn graphic designing and in the firm there were many talented designers there, so whenever Kunaal Verma got an opportunity I tried to learn graphic designing. 

Often, the documents Kunaal Verma used to type were from students of graphic designing and arts faculties, so Kunaal Verma learned from there also. Kunaal Verma worked there for more than a year and a half and learnt a lot. Then Kunaal Verma wanted to set up something of my own. 

Dinesh had also finished his degree, so we came together and started a designing firm where I used to handle the designing and he used to handle the market .

This was also the phase where I fell in love for the first time. I used to write poetry and songs for her. For four years I wrote countless songs and even more poems. First love is like a lilac dream but when the dream is broken, the heart gets crushed.

After Kunaal Verma breakup he left writing and forgot about those diaries completely. Kunaal Verma became focused on graphic designing work. Kunaal Verma work and the little money he earned became my life and continued to be so until someone made Kunaal Verma realize the worth of his writing.


Some People Change Your Lives Completely : Kunaal Verma 

A year passed and Kunaal Verma  life was still all about my work then a person came in Kunaal Verma  life. She became a close friend, her name was Shradha . One day I recited my poetry and songs to her. After listening to them, Shradha said a sentence that still echoes in my heart, she said “अगर ये  सब तूने लिखा है, तो तू इंडिया का सबसे बड़ा राइटर बन सकता है ”. At that time I didn’t take her lines seriously but today when I look back, I just feel blessed to have such people in my life.

On Shradha’s birthday, when I asked her about her present, she said write something for me. That time Kunaal Verma  said “NO” because I had left writing for about a year but later Kunaal Verma thought he can at least do this much.

Kunaal Verma  wrote something for her and when Kunaal Verma  sang it to her she asked “whose composition is this ?” and I said “It was just on my mind so I sang it this way.” Then Kunaal Verma said “You are such a good writer, a better composer and even better singer, If you don’t start writing, I will make you do it”

Her statement hit me but Kunaal Verma  said “He is the only earning member for Kunaal Verma  family and he don’t want to ruin his career in this”. She said “Don’t disturb your career just start listening to music and write a bit”. This seemed to be a good idea or should I say it was the idea that made me what Kunaal Verma is today.



Finally It Became My Passion : Kunaal Verma 

Kunaal Verma  again started writing and this time it became a passion. Kunaal Verma used to work full day and then at night Kunaal Verma  used to write. Kunaal Verma had sleepless nights which he spent on writing lyrics and those were the most beautiful nights.

That time social media woke up in India so Kunaal Verma started to post my lyrics on Orkut and other platforms. Through these platforms I met Ami Mishra who eventually composed my first song ever in bollywood “Hasi”.

Meanwhile Kunaal Verma love for music grew more and more every moment. Kunaal Verma wanted to do something in music. So Kunaal Verma met a learning music producer from Jaipur. He planned an album together. The issue was we both didn’t have the money it required. Kunaal Verma spent every penny out of my savings on the creation of audio for that album.

Kunaal Verma met a lot of people for production of the video for that album but everything was in vain. Coincidentally, one of his friends Sachin Nagpal was playing Kunaal Verma  songs and his boss listened to the songs and asked him whose songs they were. Kunaal Verma  friend told him about the whole story, How Kunaal Verma  was not able to produce videos for the album. 

कुनाल वर्मा
कुनाल वर्मा

Fortunately, the boss(Sanjay Batiya Sir) was also a Rajasthani and appreciated the folk music. He told my friend that he can help me with the production. His office was in Baroda and I went to his office. We discussed the project for 3 days and finally he agreed and we started filming for the album.

We gave the album our heart and soul  and did everything we could. We made the album and then published it. Somehow the album went ‘flop’, it was a big setback and we suffered a huge loss.

I again stopped everything for six months and went back to my profession designing. There used to be an online competition for graphic designers where 4000-5000 professional designers participated. I took that competition 2-3 times but never won. In 2012, I gave my everything and won the gold medal in the competition. After winning the title I felt like I had achieved what I wanted with designing and it was high time to return to my love, ‘music’.

I came back to music, I partnered with Sanjay Sir again and we opened Songster Music company together. Under this label we did a lot of albums, none of them was a super hit but they were still doing ok in the market.



From Writing Bhajans To Bollywood Songs – Complete Transition : Kunaal Verma 

All this along Shradha, who brought me back into writing was with me, she was an immense support to me. One day her mother called and we got into an argument she told me about a guy who used to be in college with her and today he was writing ‘Bhajans’ for 5000 rupees. These remarks hurted me deeply and I just said “Aunty whatever I will do but I will not write bhajans for 5-7 thousand rupees and I will not be in your life anymore”. I wrapped up everything and again became alone.

In 2014 when I was living a phase of loneliness and then one day suddenly Ami Mishra called me and said that Mr. Mahesh Bhatt wanted to meet me for the song “Hasi” which I wrote 6 years ago  and I have to come to Mumbai the next day.

That time I didn’t have enough money to buy myself a flight ticket and I did not want to tell Dinesh that I didn’t even have enough money for a flight ticket as it would have hurt him. So I called a friend, Nikhil and asked him for a favor, he obliged and got me a ticket for a flight at 6:10 Am from Jaipur Airport. The airport was hardly 10 mins from my place so I became a bit lazy.

Dinesh came to drop me at the airport and due to me being careless I missed the flight and I had no option. I finally called him and told him that I didn’t have the money for a flight ticket and I have missed the flight.



One Night That Changed My Life : Kunaal Verma 

The meeting was scheduled at 10:15 AM in the morning and I knew it would not be possible for me to reach on time so I called Ami, he rescheduled the meeting to 3:45 PM and my brother got me the flight ticket. I reached Mumbai and went directly to Mr. Bhatt’s office with my whole luggage. Mr. Bhatt motivated me and told me to meet Mohit Suri who was the director of the movie.

There I met Mohit sir for the first time. He appreciated my work but he wanted a mature writer to write the female parts of the song. I asked him to give me a night to write those parts and see if he liked them and he agreed. Me and Ami worked the whole night and wrote 17 paragraphs and sent them to Mohit sir, We went to his office and we finalized 4 paragraphs from which 2 were to be selected by Mr. Bhatt.

Next day when we went to Bhatt sir’s office, he liked the first antara but wanted something else with the second. That time I wrote the lines “क्या खूब रब ने किया बिन  माँगे इतना दिया वर्ना है  इ मिलता कहाँ हम काफिरों को ख़ुदा ” then and there and passed the laptop to him. He jumped off the chair and hugged me and he finalized the song.

For three days I worked like a robot, no expressions because I felt like this was my only chance and I just cannot take a ‘No’ from here but when Bhatt sir finalized the song I felt like this was my moment. Bhatt sir told me that “Your life is about to change but stay true to yourself and preserve your work”. 



One Song That Changed My Life : Kunaal Verma 

The moment I got out of the office I called my father and told him “आपका  बेटा  Upcoming Lyricist से lyricist बन गया आज | ” because on all my social media profiles I used to tag myself as an ‘upcoming lyricist’ and finally I became what I wanted to be.

After a year the film was released and my song “Hasi” came out. My brother said “Bhai pehli khushi pehli khushi hi hoti hai and let’s celebrate.” He booked a whole theatre for the first day first show of Hamari Adhuri Kahaani and we invited my relatives, my friends, media and everyone who was related to me. I also got a message from Bhatt sir, he asked me to watch the movie. I sent him the picture of the bundle of tickets, he replied with giggles.

That’s how I kicked into the music industry with a superhit song. Next year I was nominated for “Best Upcoming Lyricist ” in Radio Mirchi Awards. I felt as if the almighty was saying that “Boy, you are close to what you wanted to become, Keep it up”.

‘Sanchari’- The Wandering

After the song “Hasi ”, I came back to Jaipur and once again woke up ‘Songster’ and started producing and recording music.

I didn’t return to Bollywood for about a year after ‘Hasi’, I kept working in Rajasthan and did songs with indegenous artists. Meanwhile the closest friend of mine Ansh Shekhawat wanted to move to Mumbai as she wanted to pursue acting. But I wanted to stay in Jaipur. I kept working here only. God gave me every sign and omen he could but me being the stubborn I am. 

One day my phone rang and I saw the name “Piyush Pritam” on the screen. I picked up the call and he said “We need to finish a song immediately. How fast you can finish it”. I said “I will complete it in a night, just send me the song”. I didn’t ask him who he was, would he pay me for the song, in which movie the song was going  to feature nothing. I just loved my work and did it.

I sat the whole night and completed the song and next morning the song was finalized for a movie. Piyush called me back and asked “Do you even know who I am? Or where the song you wrote will be used ?” and I being an innocent lamb replied “I am sorry, I didn’t ask but please tell me now ” He said “I am Pritam Da’s manager. I have been messaging you on your Facebook for more than 4 months and you didn’t reply”. I apologized to him and through this opportunity Pritam Da recognised me. He asked Piyush to bring me to Mumbai. Piyush used to call me again and again asking for me to come to Mumbai.



Life Is All About Quick Decision Making : Kunaal Verma 

I was sitting in my studio one night and suddenly out of nowhere I wanted to shift to Mumbai at 3 AM in the morning. I felt like I had an opportunity at my door and one thing I have learnt in life is that The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes”.  I unlocked my car and kept my T.V. in it and  drove the car first to my parents house in our village. They were shocked to see me at the door at such an odd moment.

I told my parents to give me blessings for the new life I was going to start, My parents were terrified as I was leaving everything behind, and I decided to do so in a single night. I told my father “Papa, Don’t stop me today”. My father and mother saw the passion and excitement in my eyes and gave me their love and blessings.

I drove to Mumbai and with ‘jugaad’ rented a place and started a new life. You won’t believe that I didn’t even take my belongings from my flat in Jaipur and just moved on. I started  to work at Pritam Da’s office.

 I worked there for a whole year but nothing was working out for me. The debt mountain kept increasing. EMIs kept bouncing and I went bankrupt.On the top of it I couldn’t tell my brother or my family about what I was going through because I knew “Success only happens when it is the only option” and I didn’t want my family to be an option. 



Travelling In Mumbai Locals Was Always A Big Task : Kunaal Verma 

My birthday was always celebrated on a huge scale because of my golden heart brother. He never cared about his own birthday, but he always celebrated mine as a festival. On my birthday in 2016, Dinesh was not around because I was in Mumbai. My girlfriend had to take up a  film shoot on my birthday because we used to have no money and it was extremely important for us to earn. 

I sat alone on my birthday night suddenly my phone rang, One of my friends in Mumbai called me and said “भाई पार्टी कहाँ दे रहे हो?”. That day I was on my lowest so I just said “भाई जेब मे 500 रूपए है, इसमें  क्या आएगा तू बता ”. This sentence made him emotional and he asked me to come to his place. He lived in Virar.

One thing I would like to mention here is that I never like to travel in local trains because I am afraid of losing myself in that huge mob. The Virar locals were famous for the huge crowd in them so I didn’t want to travel alone so I called another one of my closest friends Ravikant Sharma . He was very habitual of locals, so he took me to the station, when the train came he boarded and I was left on the station. He jumped back out of the train, then we missed 6-7 trains and finally we boarded. One thing came to my mind “This is not the way my life should have been”. I was utterly disappointed with myself, I kept working hard but nothing could move the eclipse that shadowed my future



Ups and Down , This Kept On Going : Kunaal Verma 

One evening I decided I just want to go back. I went to a street vendor and bought a plate of ‘sprouts’ as I had eaten nothing for the whole day as I was working. At that moment I felt hopeless, my eyes were full of tears.

I have a competition with God, I never ask God for anything I just say “If you gonna try and get one over me, I will get two”, but that day I just looked up to the stars and said “I have been writing for 14 years since 2002 and 2016 is about to end. People came and went and I lost everything and got nothing in return. I didn’t leave even a single stone unturned then why are you doing this to me?, If I return empty handed then It’s not my loss, it’s yours 

At that very moment four bodyguards came to the same stall. They were suited from head to toe. I kept looking at them, I felt like they had a better life than mine. Suddenly, one of them started humming “हाँ ,हंसी बन गए , हाँ, नमी  बन गए …” . 

I got goosebumps, I just got the answer from God, He said “Your lyrics are being heard round the globe and you want to go back!!”. I was reborn that moment, I felt a new energy.

I plugged in my earphones, played ‘Hasi’ and started walking, I walked for about two, two and half kilometers and asked myself where I was going wrong.

Quitting Is Never An Option : Kunaal Verma 

I want to tell everyone that when you feel dejected and quitting seems to be the only option, then just ask yourselves  “Where Am I going wrong?” and trust me the answer to this question can take you from rags to riches.

I understood that I was putting in a lot of effort but It was not going to the right place, I had learned a lot working with Pritam Da’s talented team but I decided that it was the time to take a leave from Pritam Da. One more thing that annoyed me was the place where I lived, I just didn’t get the vibe there. I left the place too and moved to a place that  was far more positive than my last place. There was still an evil left, MONEY, I just didn’t know how to convert my efforts and art financially.

On my first night in that house, I got a call from Canada. The guy who called told me that he was a big fan of my song ‘Hasi’ and wanted me to write 3 songs for him. I asked him for the payment and he asked me how much?. I became confused for a moment because after coming to Mumbai I didn’t earn a single penny. I just roughly told him that I will take Rs. 20,000 per scratch.

I once again sat that whole night as I always do and completed all three songs in a single night. In the morning, he transferred me Rs.60,000, when I came back home I had tears in my eyes. I understood that God wanted to tell me that “The value of my time was much higher than what I used to utilize it for”. 

Hardwork Paid Off Finally : Kunaal Verma 

Two three days passed and I got another call. A music composer called and said come to my studio. I went to his studio, He sat with a guitar and I was writing. He asked me if I would like to have a drink and I said “I never write after I am drunk”. So we sat there and in an hour or so we finished the whole song. He loved the song and kept singing it again and again. When I was about to leave, he went inside and brought an envelope, and silently gave it to me. I have a habit that I never count the money in front of someone, I think it is an insult to that person. 

So I kept the envelope and took an auto-rickshaw, on the way I was thinking that it might be around Rs. 10,000 in it. Out of my curiosity, I opened the envelope and took out a bill, It was a Rs.500 note. I became anxious and excited at the same time. I went home, locked my room and when I counted the money, It was Rs.100,000.

That day I understood, what was the worth of my time and did the math. I started researching different labels. I determined what kind of writing was popular in which label. I figured out which kind of songs T-series published, which type of songs Dharma Productions used and which songs Mahesh Bhatt sahab liked for his films. 

 I just knew one thing that Now was my time to rise and I wanted to rise so high that I never have to fear falling down again….

कुनाल वर्मा

‘Abhog’- The Rise

Now my hard work started paying off , the sleepless nights and tiring days I spent with my pen started making themselves count. I started to get financially stable and as I got more and more stable, the quality of my work also started improving.

After coming to Mumbai, Amaal Malik was the first young composer with whom I started to do songs. When it was our first session, he was sitting by his synthesizer and he played a melody and asked me to write something on it. In a few seconds, I gave him two lines and he was flabbergasted with my speed. He said I have worked with so many writers but I have never seen anyone write this fast. 

I had invested a major part of my life in writing so my brain just sort of became trained to write at those speeds. For the record I have written 13 songs in a day each one of which was locked by a label eventually.

My speed and my on-pointedness with my writing became my USP in the industry. I did a song with Amaal, which he eventually put forward to Bhushan Kumar Sir. He really appreciated the song and wanted me and Amaal to work together. I on the other hand started working with many music composers.

When all of this was going on, one of my singles, ‘Bas Ek Bar’, became a super hit. After the success of the song I got a call from T-series. I went to the office and met the team of T-series  for the first time. They appreciated my work and motivated me to do more everyday.

Worked With Fearless Amaal Malik : Kunaal Verma 

Later on T-series gave me two songs which they wanted to recreate one was a ‘gazal’ and the other one was  ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’. He gave me an option and I picked ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ because it was my favorite song for a long time .

It was written by the legendary writer Javed Akhtar sahab, I even told Amaal to keep my writing only if it is actually good because I did not want to worsen the song.  

Amaal has a very beautiful way of creating music. He indulges himself in the music so much that whatever he creates becomes sensational. He can spend hours and hours on composition and can entirely disregard that composition, if it doesn’t sound good to him. He is never afraid of working again from the scratch and that is what makes him The Amaal Malik.

When Ghar se Nikalte hi came out, the audience liked it a lot and we even got comments that it was better  than the original one. I don’t know if it was better than the original or not but one thing that was sure that we did not worsen the song and that was my ultimate satisfaction.

After this song, I became popular throughout the industry, I started getting calls from all the labels, and I wrote for huge movies like ‘Race 3’, ‘Jalebi’, ‘De de pyaar de’ and many more. The whole industry started calling me with a nickname that Mohit Suri sir gave me, ‘Rajdhani lyricist’ because of my speed. I started writing 8 to 10 songs everyday and continued that for that year.

Meeting A Legend Will Always Remain Special : Kunaal Verma 

As an artist, I always love to explore, I am always willing to do things even if there is a chance of failure because it gives me a 360 degree growth which is worth way more than the small failures that come and vanish. I believe “Life is all about Trials and Errors because if it was all success, then life wouldn’t have been worth living”.

I started composing music again because I left composition after coming to Mumbai, I did not tell anyone that I can compose and made my cut being a lyricist only. 

One fine day I , Amaal and Shivam who manages the music for T-series were sitting at Amaal’s place. I asked Shivam to listen to a song that I had composed. He was amazed at my composition and urged me to send the song to Bhushan Sir.

When Bhushan Sir listened to the song, he told Shivam to call me to the office. For the first time I got a chance to meet Bhushan Sir himself and he loved my music. He told me that “Kunaal you are exceptional, I have a record that I never accept songs this fast. Other composers send me more than 50 songs and I select one and even none sometimes but when I listened to your songs I felt compelled to lock all the 3 songs you sent”. I felt very obliged to hear such a comment from a legend.

He told me that “Kunaal, I am with you and by that I mean nothing can take you down now”. I felt an unusual energy in myself, I felt as if my heart started pumping like never before because I knew that I got something that the world dies for.



It Was Time To Thanks The Legend : Kunaal Verma 

My journey as a composer started from there, my first song as a composer ‘Phir Mulaqaat’ was featured in the movie ‘Cheat India’ and then I did ‘Tootey Khaab’ which was ’later sung by Armaan Malik. Recently I got a chance to compose for Adnan Sami Sir. We did the song ‘Tu Yaad Aya’ which was a hit on the internet.

Last year I came second on the list of ‘Top 5 writers in India’ by Dainik Jagran for my song “Tum hi Aana”. When I read my name in the list at 2nd place, I felt a sense of pride for being listed in the top 5 writers among thousands of talented writers.

I want to take a moment and thank Amaal Mallik,Sajid Sir and  Wajid Sir,Payal Dev  and Aditya Dev , Armaan Mallik, Mahesh Bhatt sir, Mukhesh Bhatt sir, Luv-Ranjan, Mohit Suri sir, Bhushan Kumar sir  for being in my life and making my journey reach these heights and to support me in the times of lows.

I also want to thank my parents for bringing me up the way they did and enabling me to reach where I am today.

After coming to Mumbai, Ansh was the only one whom I could call family. She accompanied me when no one did.  With her there was no darkness, she always lit me up whenever I was not succeeding at work. 

Her strong belief that one day, we both will achieve everything we wish for, used to give me strength to stand up again whenever I felt dejected. Whatever I am today, is not only about me, we both have tried hard to make this happen. 

I feel blessed that I have her by my side and want to dedicate some lines to her,

“हर अश्क साथ बाँटा है, 

हर ख़ुशी साथ मनाई है 

दो लोगो की महफिल है 

चाहे कितनी भी तन्हाई है “

The Next Verse of Life

Currently Kunaal Verma is working as a music composer and a lyricist in the industry. Kunaal Verma latest song ‘O Jaane Vaale’ with Akhil Sachdeva  came out 2 weeks ago (as of 30th May). A lot more songs are coming out this year and I feel positive about each one of my creations.  

Now Kunaal Verma is planning to try myself as a singer also. Kunaal Verma have sung songs before while I was working continuously on Songster but this time Kunaal Verma  will be doing it on a huge level. Kunaal Verma is working on a single album which Kunaal Verma  am going to sing.  Even in this time of lock-down Kunaal Verma is still working on songs everyday and will be bringing out more and more music for the audience. 

Till date Kunaal Verma stayed true to writing only but now Kunaal Verma  want to bring out the performer that hides in the shadow of lyricist Kunaal Vermaa. Kunaal Verma is going to do shows in cities of our country where Kunaal Verma will perform on own songs and tell the story behind these songs. Kunaal Verma  will be giving lectures through which I will share the lessons for writing that I learnt in the past 18 years.

कुनाल वर्मा
कुनाल वर्मा

‘Sa Re Ga Ma’- Kunaal’s Message to Aspiring Writers

I get hundreds of messages everyday from writers between 15-20 years of age, in every message the kids will talk about getting their songs marketed in films, they want to get labels for their songs at such a young age. 

I want to tell all of you that do not write to sell, write if you are passionate about writing. I never thought I was writing the songs for selling or getting them featured in films, I wrote just because it brought me happiness. Even today when I write I don’t think about the money. 

You can learn acting, you can learn singing but writing is not something one can learn, writing comes through one’s experiences in life. You should give yourselves and your art enough time to mature. Eventually one day you will write something and when you’ll read it, you’ll realize that you have written something great, wait till that day.

Life is not going to be easy but YOU are the ONE who can do it. Stay true to yourself and your art , success will come running behind you.

So stubborn people we heard Kunaal’s tale, he always faced everything with sheer determination for his art ‘writing’, he never gave up and in the end, life had to give him what he deserved and this is what Stubborn Stories stands for. 

We all should learn the lesson of determination & passion from his voyage. We will be coming back to you with another stubborn tale till then

Stay Passionate Stay Stubborn….