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Dr. Shilpa Mehta

Its not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts

I am Dr. Shilpa Mehta, currently member of Child Welfare Committee, Udaipur(Bench of Magistrate U/s 29(5) of Juvenile Justice(care and protection of children) Act 2015 Department of Child Empowernment, Government of Rajasthan, A certified trainer, A counselor and A social worker. My field of specialization is in Clinical Psychology.

With this qualification along with teaching entered into the field of social work such as child protection, child development, non institutional alternative care for children, providing the links between the loving families and children who are eligible for foster care. My conception is that “Every Child Deserves a Family” (Pariwar Har Bacche Ka Adhikar) that can provide love and support and my complete focus is on implementing the above.

There are many children living in child care institutions who are deprived of all the love and affection from their own family members. I stepped into this field to connect these children with loving and caring families through foster care program who can actually bring difference in the lives of children. For accomplishing this mission I am running an organization “Foster Care Society” for the past four years. The success so far is: I have placed 18 children (living in child care institutions and who are in need of love care and protection) with the families in Udaipur, Rajasthan as foster parents which is the highest number in all over India.

Apart from this I work to provide individualized and community based support to empower families and prevent family separation, and also link families with government programs for pension and aid for children to help families at risk of separation stay together. As a trainer I have given trainings to Adoptive and Foster Parents of Udaipur and Goa.

I have also trained government stakeholders of Chattisgarh, Telengana , West Bengal Benguluru and Goa on the implementation of Foster Care program in their concerned states. In future more focus will be on serving the deprived children and families to bring them up to the standard where they can be linked up with the main stream of the society.

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Dr. Shilpa's Interview