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Sridevi Reddy D. R.

“I listen so that I can make my students feel it with signs”

I am Sridevi Reddy D.R born and brought up in Bangalore and moved to Tamilnadu after marriage, I have two kids with hearing impairment who are not just as same as normal children. I realised I should do something to my kids and 20 years ago shifted to Bangalore along with the husband and kids. Unexpectedly I lost my husband in road accident and became a single mother to my deaf kids. I did Sign language course and joined to SRN ADARSH COLLEGE as a sign language interpreter, the college gives preference to hearing impair students to do higher education at affordable fees.

I also worked for many NGOs to support the hearing-impaired students to get job and trained them to work in their respective field.

I coordinator mini sensitization programs to raise awareness on disability in the field of MNC and the policy made under corporate social responsibility to hire the hearing-impaired students to suitable positions.

I also initiated few of sign language teaching sessions to doctors, nurses’, policemen and students to help the people to be friendly with disabled kids, in all the process I have been recognised and awarded by many NGOs human rights committee Wipro company Pan India Infotech company and Karnataka women’s association for the services rendered by me.
many of my students are placed in well reputed companies and have become an asset to the society. I would like to continue the service to the best of my efforts.


Thank you
Shridevi Reddy D R
Sign language interpreter
Chamarajpet Bangalore Karnataka

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Sridevi's Interview