Hey Stubborn Army! Nowadays, the COVID situation has forced us to ‘work from home’. Consequently, we spend a lot of our time on platforms like YouTube. So, while watching a YouTube video, have you ever felt an urge to create one yourself? Today we are going to talk about someone whose irresistible urge to create, made him find opportunities in adversity. We are talking about the man himself, Hemant Mahto or as the world knows him MN Hemant.

Today Hemant is an entrepreneur, content creator, digital marketer and most importantly a Youtuber. He has 195k subscribers on YouTube and the count has just started. Thanks to his extraordinary will and burning desire he has come a long way in a short time.

So come let’s live the journey of this Bokaro boy starting right from his studious childhood to becoming a public speaker in his own words.

The Studious kid : Hemant Mahto

I stem from very humble grounds. My father is a farmer and my mother is a cook at a nearby government school. I spent my childhood running in the streets of a village near the steel city Bokaro.

The steel city made me very strong, very soon. When I was 10-11, I already became an active member of my family. I used to sit beside my parents and listen to them. I started understanding the financial conditions of my house at that age. Realizing the conditions of my family, gave me a desire to change them. I started working hard because I wanted to give my parents a much better and more comfortable life.

At the age of 10, except studies, there is not much in which you can give your 100%. So, I became a very studious kid. Standard after standard, I used to be the topper. Also i learnt agriculture by working beside my father. I saw him doing a great deal of handwork and that always inspired me to work harder.

I made every effort I could to make my parents proud and learnt many different things on the way. Little did I know that Life was going to give me an opportunity to change everything very soon.

हेमंत महतो

Internet: My Window to the Vast World

We live in a village, so my view of the world was limited to my surroundings. My dreams were also limited to a decent paying job.

Whenever I used to get access to the internet, my curiosity led me to wander in the endless internet. I used to supplement my studies with the information I got from the internet. When my peers used the time on the internet to play games, I used to make use of that time in learning something new.

When I reached 10th standard in 2016, Jio stepped in Indian Telecom market. 

Around November 2016, my friend who spent a lot of time on YouTube, came to the class and told me “Hemant, Youtube par videos dal ke paise kamaye jaa sakte hai. ” I didn’t believe him. I thought “Why would someone pay you for posting videos?”

This thought got stuck somewhere in my mind. I was curious to know the truth. December 2016, I borrowed my other friend’s phone for a couple of days. I researched a lot about Youtube and then finally created my Youtube channel on 5th December 2016.

I had no means to post videos on Youtube. So I had to keep youtube aside. Rather i focussed on my 10th boards. My hard work bore fruit, I scored 10 CGPA in 10th and became the topper of my school.

After completing 10th, I pleaded to my parents to buy me a smartphone but they were reluctant. In July 2017, a political party organized a ‘Talent Appreciation Event’, as topper of my school,I was also nominated. I got a 3g tablet there. Though it was a 3g tablet in times of 4g but it was much better than having nothing.


Stubbornness to do something different : Hemant Mahto

I got a 3g internet pack and started researching about Youtube because the question was still stuck. In those days, I used to download 10-15 pictures from google and set them up in a video, gave a voice over and uploaded it to Youtube.

Along with my Youtube journey,my education was equally important. All my friends had taken admission somewhere or else. I also wanted to go to Bokaro city, study there and prepare for entrance exams.

Eventually I shifted to Bokaro. Resided there for a couple of weeks. I was not comfortable there. There were several reasons, One I always needed a quiet room for studying but there I was sharing it with two more inmates. Another was that I was really homesick and missed the freedom of my village.

Around that time, under ‘Digital India’, all the directors of ‘Swayam Sahayata Group (SSG)’ were given 4g smartphones. My mother was the director of her group. So she also got a basic 4g smartphone. The smartphone was the property of the group so I couldn’t take it to Bokaro. So I myself decided to come home.

In my heart, I had made a decision that I will go home and will become a Youtuber. No matter how hard I have to work for it.

हेमंत महतो
हेमंत महतो

Hemant Mahto to MN Hemant : My Youtube Journey

I bought a Jio 4g sim and in a matter of a few days I was deeply into Youtube. Initially, I tried to copy other creators. Soon I realised that I have to create something of my own which reflects myself.

My first facecam video was ‘Email or Gmail mai kya antar hai ?’ I had no set up like a tripod, camera or anything. So in the first week I used to stick my phone to the lid of a laptop with a cello tap and made videos.

This was not a very feasible method. So then a new idea came to my mind. I stuck my phone’s back cover on a standing fan and sat in front of it to make videos. It worked like a monopod. As a village boy, facing the camera was challenging but I kept working hard and improved.

Once I started posting daily videos. I used to forward those videos to whatsapp groups and my friends and still used to barely get a 100 views on them. I had no other motivation to make videos other than the burning desire in me to create.

After three months of posting daily videos, in January 2018, I made a video titled ‘Aap apna sim card ghar baithe aadhar card se kaise link kar sakte hai ? ’. I posted it at 8 o’clock in the evening and after two hours it had more than a 1000 views. After a couple of months it had 2 lakh views on Youtube.


Finally The Hardwork Paid Off : Hemant Mahto 

After this video, I got a boost both motivationally and in subscriber count. Hemant Mahto  started making videos about such topics and in 3 months, Hemant Mahto reached 10,000 subscribers.

I came on Youtube because I wanted to earn but then I started to find joy in creating.But then I was motivated to create something valuable that adds value to others lives and that’s why I was able to go on.

I moved to motivational videos, they were very well received by the audience. But l felt that I hadn’t achieved much, so even if I gave someone the best advice, he would not follow it. So I decided to move on.

Then finally Hemant Mahto found my niche. After I started making videos about being successful on Youtube. I shared the problems I faced and gave people solutions. Also i started blogging and made a website for myself on my own. So I started sharing my experiences on that.

Slowly and steadily, I grew, learning new things everyday and telling those to my audience on Youtube.

The journey was tough.People even taunted me over my accent. Hemant Mahto believe that as a content creator , One needs to evolve but to lose your personality for content is like losing diamonds for coal.

So I did evolve but kept a touch with my roots. Today I have a community of nearly 2 Lakh people who find my content instructive and learn something from it.

Looking at it from a financial point of view, today I don’t earn a lot from Youtube but still it is good enough to help me fulfill my needs and give my parents a better life.

हेमंत महतो

What’s Next : Hemant Mahto

Hemant Mahto is currently exploring the vast field of digital marketing. Digital marketing is booming each day, each minute. I share with my audience what I learn and we grow together.

I have also taken some entrepreneurial steps. Soon I will be coming up with my own startup. The values that I have got from parents and what this journey has taught will form the base of this startup.

All in all, I want to keep growing everyday. We are not reluctant to change because in today’s era ‘Change is the only constant’.

I have and will continue to work hard for adding value to people’s lives and that is my biggest motivation.

Some word from my side

I am just an ordinary 20 year old guy who worked hard. Also I come from the same background as you do, if not worse. So what made me what I am today?

The answer is my will. I faced a lot of obstacles in the path but with perseverance I conquered them all.

So my advice is “Find what motivates you from within and once you find it, then never stop working hard, no matter what, You are the only one who can write his destiny and can change his own life.

So guys this was the small town boy Hemant Mahtowho is behind the curtains of MN Hemant. His simplicity is what makes him stand apart. His work ethic is tremendous.

Those who make excuses, “I don’t have that so I couldn’t do that” should understand after reading this story that no one started perfect. It’s not our abilities that define us it is our choices. Hemant chose to work hard, he chose to keep his personality in his videos. He made choices that made him great today.

On that note we will be signing off. We will meet you soon with another such tale of extraordinary courage and stubbornness. Till then

Stay stubborn, Stay passionate