Hey Stubborn Army ! Today, humanity has reached a stage where it is,  Human vs Nature. The reason being our endless greed. Still there are some who are true heirs of mother nature. One such person is Bhuvnesh Ojha.


Bhuvnesh Ojha was a tender kid with love for nature in his heart and a dream to grow a forest in his eyes.  Now he is known to be one of the most active environmentalists in India.


He faced many challenges ranging from social, financial to even personal ones.  But he faced everything and never gave up on his love for nature. That’s why his story is a “Stubborn Story” .


So come lets listen to the tale of this “Tree Man” and his nature derived wisdom…….


Early Life... : Bhuvnesh Ojha

Being raised in his native village Peeplund, Bhuvnesh Ojha became fond of nature’s beauty. He learnt to feel one with our surroundings there. At 5, Bhuvnesh witnessed a drought. He understood the plight of farmers at such a young age.

Influenced by the elders of the village, his little mind found a solution. He thought, if he grows a forest in his village. Then rains will come, crops will be good. Consequently, farmers wont suicide. That’s where the seeds of ‘PUKAAR’ were sown.

 His solution was excellent but it’s execution demanded huge sums of money. So he thought of becoming an IIT engineer to earn money.


Inspiration Always Inspire us : Bhuvnesh Ojha 

“While preparing I read books of people like Steve Jobs, Tim Robbins etc. I found a quote which struck the chords of my mind. “If you die tomorrow then what about your dreams.

I deduced that I have to start working towards my goal.” shared Bhuvnesh Ojha 

भुवनेश ओझा

Colony Boy to PUKAARWALA..

In 2013, Bhuvnesh started taking small yet firm steps towards his dream. On March 10 2013, he planted his first plant ‘Astitva’, a mango tree. He saved money for this plant by not going to a movie.   

All the clouds of uncertainty just vanished from his mind. He was sure that planting trees was something he can do all his life. Consequently, in a span o 8 months, with the help of kids in his  colony, he  planted 18 to 20 plants, which were bought sometimes by contribution, sometimes by doing errands etc. 

Slowly and steadily this number grew. Apart from kids, adults also started taking interest in Bhuvanesh’s endeavors. It was difficult for working people to join him on weekdays. So the concept of devoting Sundays to plant trees was evolved by Bhuvanesh and team. 


Sundays’s Got Started Luckily : Bhuvnesh Ojha

10th november 2013 was the first such Sunday. After that, they never looked back. Today, they have completed 287 Sundays. Now Bhuvanesh had a group of nature enthusiasts which was ever growing.  

“I never wanted people to see this as “Bhuvnesh’s Group”. I wanted everyone to take this cause as their own. So I started to look for a name for our group. I was discussing the names with my sister. Incidentally, on the radio the song “Pukarta chala gaya” played. We felt as if it was a sign from the almighty and the name ‘PUKAAR’ was chosen”


भुवनेश ओझा

PUKAAR and Stubbornness ...

Pukaar was on a mission and a very tough one. Every few months they had new challenges. Sometimes finances, sometimes equipment. All in all there were challenges at every step. 


Three years in a row, Bhuvanesh and his brain child Pukaar went through numerous ups and downs. They cherished every high and found small happinesses in lows, but they kept going.


They struggled hard and never let go of their passion. Destiny chose to acknowledge their stubbornness and eventually they had people aiding them.


In 2016, PUKAAR was registered. Bhuvanesh never wanted to take any credit. So he made it a mutual organization. He says “Pukaar is everyone’s own and everyone is Pukaar’s.

So there is no place for hierarchy in it.”

भुवनेश ओझा

Pukaar’s Glories : Bhuvnesh Ojha

After going through so much , Pukaar finally became a glorified organization. In 2016, team PUKAAR was invited to for a presentation among ‘Top 10 NGO’s of India’ by LPU (Lovely Professional University).


In the same year, Bhuvanesh was given the ‘Swach Rajasthan Award – 2016’ in the individual category. 


Team Pukaar cherishes these moments whenever they face a new struggle. They work hard day in day out and go on collecting memories on the way.

भुवनेश ओझा

What's Next ...​

“Now we want to go back to our roots, our villages. Our elders have much more knowledge  about nature and trees than any Wikipedia. Merging modern techniques with their knowledge will eventually make our mother land prosperous again. “ explains the ‘tree man’ Bhuvanesh Ojha.


All in all Pukaar is on a journey to reincarnate the lost fertility of our land. And what better than using the knowledge of our ancestors for doing so.

भुवनेश ओझा

A message from the Tree Man : Bhuvnesh Ojha

“I just want to say that, Stay true. Don’t get lured by the limelight, follow the aim you started with. Struggles will come but If you stay stubborn then god will automatically open ways for you, and whenever you are stuck just remember why you started” says Bhuvanesh.

So guys, this was the tale of the “Tree Man”.  We hope that each of us does at least a percent of what Bhuvnesh Ohja has done for our mother Earth. 


We will be  back with another tale of stubbornness soon.  Till then


Stay Stubborn, Stay Passionate